We recently transformed an original 1980s Calgary kitchen into an inspiring kitchen renovation, complete with new Denca cabinets, appliances, backsplash, quartz counter tops and a new floor.

We also transformed the bathroom at the same time into a spa like space, complete with a new tub, plumbing fixtures, vanity, medicine cabinet, flooring and a shower niche.

Copper Creek Developments is the Calgary kitchen renovations specialist who also does top-quality bathroom remodels. Once you look at these inspiring pictures and want to know how we can improve your space, don’t hesitate to contact us to see what we can do with your space.

Transform your kitchen now.

Calgary Kitchen in Strathcona main before shot photo

Kitchen – before shot

Calgary Kitchen before shot photo of cabinets, sink and fridge

Kitchen – before shot of cabinets, appliances, and counter top

After shot photo of finished product including island, light fixture, stainless steel appliances

Finished product. This was one dramatic transformation and we couldn’t be more proud of how great this kitchen turned out!

Kitchen after shot photo of new stainless appliances, island, counter, cupboards, sink, and flooring

Kitchen – after shot of the new island, appliances, fixtures, counters, flooring, cupboards, and backsplash.

Kitchen after shot featuring new kitchen sink and surrounding counter top, cupboard, and matching backsplash

This new kitchen sink is nothing fancy, but it beautifully complements the style and colour scheme of this renovation.

Kitchen after shot photo of sink, dishwasher, cabinetry, counter, and backsplash – different angle

Kitchen after shot photo of new Under-cabinet Lighting

The under-cabinet lighting of this project adds even more light to this clean, crisp kitchen redesign.

Kitchen after shot photo of Pendant Light fixture with matching sink, cabinet handles, and dishwasher in background

This stainless steel pendant light fixture is just another awesome detail that really helps bring this room together.

Kitchen after shot photo of matching fridge and dishwasher, also with matching cabinet handles

Kitchen Island after shot photo of island drawers

This uniquely shaped island has built-in drawers specifically made for pots and pans.

Kitchen after shot photo of stainless steel stove and matching microwave over top

Kitchen after shot photo of Pantry door

New recessed full height kitchen pantry cabinet.

Kitchen after shot of Pantry with door open displaying Shelves and rolling drawers

Pantry shelves and roll out drawers.

Kitchen after photo of pendant light, cabinets, dishwasher, sink, fridge, and dishwasher

Bathroom Before shot photo of toilet and vanity

Bathroom – before shot.

Bathroom before shot photo of shower head, tiling, and partial bathtub

Tub/shower before shot.

Before shot photo of bathtub, faucet, tiles, and accessibility bar

Calgary Bathroom after shot of new bathroom tiling and vanity

New vanity and quartz countertop.

After shot photo of Medicine Cabinet and lighting

New medicine cabinet recessed into the wall with mirrored doors.

Bathroom Shower after shot photo of adjustable shower head and new tiling

New tiling and fixtures make a world of difference!

Bathroom shower after shot of curved shower rod and grey tiling accents

Bathroom after shot photo of Tiled Shower Niche

Bathroom after shot photo of new adjustable shower head and tiling

Transform your space now.

The distinctly dated look of this home’s kitchen and bathroom was fully updated and modernized to look clean, crisp, and perfect for a 21st century family. The bathroom and kitchen reno work we did for this family is why Copper Creek Developments exists – to make your space more inviting, functional, sustainable, and attractive for you and your family. We are your Calgary kitchen renovations experts!