Copper Creek Developments is the Calgary kitchen renovations specialist. We transformed this 30 year old kitchen by opening it right up and making it larger. Scroll down to see the ‘befores-and-afters’ of this transformation!

We removed two walls and a cinder block chimney, added a structural beam, and together with Denca Cabinets we made a truly inspiring kitchen.  Brand new appliances, quartz countertops with a unique edge profile, hand painted glass backsplash, textured wallpaper and refinished hardwood floors completed the remodel.

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Calgary Elbow Park kitchen before photo

Kitchen before

Kitchen remodel before photo of full kitchen

Kitchen before (different angle)

Kitchen renovation project AFTER the reno.

Kitchen after!

Elbow Park kitchen remodel after photo of cabinet storage

Kitchen after (full), with new cupboards and tons more storage space

After photo of kitchen project's storage, back splash, and counters

Kitchen after, with new stove top and stacked stainless steel oven and speed oven

After photo of new fridge with customized panels, pantry, wall oven and speed oven

New kitchen pantry and fridge, styled for a contemporary feel and uniform appearance

Close up after photo of pantry doors

New kitchen pantry

After photo of inside pantry with shelving and roll-out drawers

New kitchen pantry with shelves and roll out drawers

Close up after shot of paneled fridge doors

New sub-zero fridge with uniform panels

Close up after photo of new fridge with opened freezer drawer

New freezer

Close up photo of new fridge showing fridge interior

New sub-zero fridge (inside view). Loads more space than before!

Close up after photo of Bosch wall and speed ovens

Bosch wall oven and speed oven

After photo of Bosch speed oven interior

Bosch speed oven – inside view

Close up after photo of new counter top gas stove

Wolf gas cook top, seamlessly built into the counter top

Close up after photo of new kitchen's glass back splash

Contemporary glass backsplash

More detailed close up after shot photo of kitchen's glass back splash with power outlets

Glass backsplash (different angle)

After shot photo of textured wallpaper feature wall

Uniquely urban and contemporary wallpapered feature wall

Close up after shot photo of textured wallpaper feature wall

Textured wallpaper feature wall (close-up view)

Close up after photo of quartz edge kitchen drawers

Quartz reverse knife edge profile drawers

Face-on close up after shot of new kitchen drawers

Quartz waterfall gable

Before shot photo of kitchen's adjoining sitting room

Sitting room – before

After shot photo of adjoining sitting room

Sitting room – after

Before shot photo of old living room hardwood floors before refinishing

Living room before hardwood refinishing

After shot photo of living room hardwood floors after refinishing

Living room after hardwood refinishing

Not only are we proud of this kitchen renovation Calgary Elbow Park project, but also the work we did in successfully rejuvenating and revitalizing this home’s sitting room and its living room floor. The home owner was also pleased as punch, which is the end result we always strive for!

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