Lighting! Lighting! Lighting!

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Photo of a unique, modern 7-pronged light fixture


When preparing for a renovation, no matter what part of the house it will be in, renovation lighting is one of the most overlooked items!

Ignoring your remodel projects lighting can lead to great disappointment with the final product, which makes sense – showcasing your beautiful new remodel by using the same boring and dull lighting makes little sense. Lighting truly should get as much attention as the kitchen cabinets, counter tops and backsplash tile because without proper lighting, you won’t be able to see those shiny new appliances!

In kitchens, basements and many other areas, pot lights are a very good and efficient choice to light up the space without light fixtures hanging below the ceiling. Make sure you add more than you think you may need sine you can always install a dimmer switch should it be too much light.

Space the pot lights in a grid system that works for the room and make sure they can be evenly spaced. Remember: Function is most important!

In a kitchen, putting pot lights throughout the working space is key to having light in the right places when you need it.

In a basement, putting nine pot lights in a rec room area with a wall mounted tv is a great idea, with the front six on one switch and the back three on another.  That way you can turn the front six off and dim the back three for a movie night and still see the popcorn bowl.

Choosing light fixtures for the dining room, bedrooms and bathrooms can be a tough task though.  The keys here are to find lights with enough bulbs and wattage to produce enough light while staying within your budget.

There are so many different finishes, shapes and materials available that you should try to narrow down your style before you start shopping.  Spend more of your budget on the lights that get more visibility, like the dining room, island pendants, and foyer, and less on bedroom and bathroom lights where function is more important.

With incandescent light bulbs being phased out, one last thing to consider with lighting is the colour of the light.

Light bulbs come in many different forms: LED, halogen, CFL, and Edison (to name a few). Each of these types can be bought in different colours like warm white, cool white, or daylight.  Do some quick research to learn about these types of bulbs and light colour to not only find the perfect fixture, but the perfect colour of light.  This will ensure you will enjoy and light up your renovation for years to come.

Happy Hunting!!!

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