“Cookin’ with Gas” in the Kitchen Reno Industry

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For this blog post, I’m going to stray from the norm and discuss something that I think a lot of people can relate to – passion and competition in business. 2 things I talk about often with both colleagues and other industry pros, but always informally and off-line… Until now.

Kitchen renovations is a hyper-competitive industry, but somehow we’re cooking with gas!

The conversation starts a thousand different ways, but eventually these 2 questions will always come up:

• With literally thousands of contractors out there, how does Copper Creek Developments manage to stand out?

• What gets clients to not just choose our company above all the others, but also give us that coveted word-of-mouth recommendation?

These are questions I’ve been asking myself for years. I mean, competition is pretty stiff in Calgary’s kitchen renovations industry, but somehow we’re still here and the jobs keep coming!

So after endless consideration, I’ve boiled it down to 4 key factors that have directly kept my business (and me) alive & kicking. I’m choosing to share them here because I think they’re relevant not just to business, but to life in general.

#1. Passion.

Now, I’m not necessarily talking about jump-on-the-couch. yodel-about-my-love kinda passion. Probably something a little less dramatic.

My passion for the job is fed by the good and the bad (which is maybe what helps to stop me from jumping on couches). For example, the random renovation puzzles and tedious trouble-shooting that I have to work through can sometimes be enough to drive a saint crazy.

I can’t count the hairs I’ve pulled out because of some tiny, hard-to-spot detail that is preventing my team from moving forward on a project. It’s enough to make a grown man weep!

The frustration these problems cause is incredible, but so is the absolute satisfaction I get when we finally figure them out – it makes me feel like a trillion bucks! Like some other relationships, this emotional variety of passion, frustration, dedication, and emotional reward just feeds the love I have for what we do and keeps me coming back for more.

2. Motivation.

Sometimes hard to come by, even harder to maintain. Motivation is like a Canadian summer – warm & wonderful when it’s here, something you crave when it’s not!

There are mornings when I wake up not knowing what my day’s going to bring – will it be smooth sailing (ha, ha)? Or will it be filled with chaos, strife, and sick employees? Will I be doing my actual job today, or the job of 3 of my employees because they’ve all been struck with the flu…? It’s times like these that motivation can be hard to come by.

But I keep going. How? Because I get my motivation from a great place – my wife and family. They are the loves of my life and the strength I need to keep pushing through. I do what I do because it lets us build the kind of life that we all want. At the end of even the hardest and lousiest days, I know that the evenings we spend together will put everything else on the back burner. My wife and the family we’ve created together are the balance and relief I need to keep going the day after day, refreshed and ready to take on the world.

Cheesy? Yes. But true.

Professional pep-talkers will tell you that it’s important to find your own motivational source, and I’ve found mine. Thanks honey 🙂

3. Integrity.

Everyone has heard the horror stories about shady contractors and dodgy home reno companies. Those jokers and jerks who make up ridiculous excuses for jacking up the price half way into a job. I despise those guys. Not only do they treat their clients like dirt, they also make all the honest contractors look bad.

I always have and always will make a point of operating with the utmost integrity, and I make sure all my employees do the same. All. The. Time.

Say you’ll do something? Do it.
Agree on a quote? Stand by it.
Make a mistake? Own it.

Copper Creek Developments: kitchen reno professionals should be open, generous, and honest!

Only by staying upfront and honest in every single client interaction can we separate ourselves from the negative stereotypes and nasty characters that haunt this industry. It’s also how we maintain our reputation and keep getting those incredibly valuable word-of-mouth referrals!

4. Quality.

Let’s face it – you can have all the passion, motivation, and integrity in the world, but without quality all these things fall short.

I stand by our work not just because our clients expect it, but because I know that a finished project is only as good as the quality of the parts & service that went into it… And I make sure our finished projects are always 100% quality.

Not only do we ensure quality with every job we do – we offer it at a fair price. For most of my clients, this is a deal-clincher. Quality product at a fair, reliable price is the bottom line for what clients need from a professional renovations company; our clients have confidence that the thousands they are spending on a kitchen renovations project is money well spent with us.

The Proof is in the Project.

As time goes on and more competition enters the home renovations industry, these 4 factors become even more crucial to my business’ success. All the flashy advertising and catchy gimmicks in the world won’t help you if you don’t have these 4 fundamental factors going for you.

At the end of the day, any home renovation project that’s completed with these 4 ingredients isn’t just a job done right – it’s a feeling of absolute gratification from knowing that we’ve helped our customers see a dream come true. It’s also those satisfying warm fuzzies we all get from helping someone realize a cherished goal… And those are feelings that make me want to jump on couches and yodel with joy!