Calgary Kitchen Renovations Q and A

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Calgary Kitchen Renovation and Redesign Questions and Answers

Are you considering a possible kitchen renovation? Here we share the ins & outs, tips & tricks of a kitchen remodel, as well as the real reason a kitchen renovated by Copper Creek Developments is the best!

How early should I start planning my kitchen renovation?

You should start to plan your kitchen renovation about four to six months from your anticipated start date.

By planning well, you will minimize the length of time you are in a construction zone, plus you will be more likely to stay within your budget. You also will not be tempted to change your mind once the construction has started, which will add time and money to your renovation. A well planned kitchen renovation will be completed on budget and on time.

How difficult is it to customize my kitchen cabinets and space?

It is easy to take your current space and customize it to fit a new kitchen. For example, most walls can be removed to open up a closed kitchen and custom cabinets can be made to fit any area. Traffic patterns, work spaces and ergonomics should all be considered in your custom kitchen design.  Your kitchen should be a combination of form and function specific to your home.

What do most people worry about, but shouldn’t?

That the renovation will take a lot longer than the contractor’s timeline. It’s okay to build in a little time to complete the renovation, as some unexpected things can and will come up. A good contractor will give a realistic timeline as well as weekly updates so that there are no surprises as to when the project will be completed.

What is the one thing people most often forget?

Lighting. People are so focused on the cabinets, appliances, flooring, and countertops that they forget about the lighting (which is really unfortunate – how else are you going to properly showcase your beautiful new kitchen if you have the same old mediocre lighting?)

It’s important to think about the number of pot lights and location, maybe pendant lights over the island and don’t forget under cabinet lighting to make your kitchen renovation complete. It’s always best to add more lighting than you think as you can always add a dimmer if needed, but once the renovation is complete, it’s difficult and expensive to add in more lighting.

Should I stay in my house through a kitchen renovation or move out?

Well, it all depends on if you think you can live without a kitchen sink and everyday appliances for eight to ten weeks!

It is difficult to live without a kitchen and keep your family functioning normally, but many families manage do it. Moving out adds an extra expense, but will likely be easier on your day to day life. If you add a bathroom renovation to your kitchen renovation at the same time, then I would suggest moving out.

Why is a Copper Creek Developments kitchen renovation the best?

Unlike most kitchen contractors, we provide a unique experience with our “boutique” level of service. We guide you through the planning process. We don’t start until fixtures, material and appliances have been selected and ordered. This way we avoid the risk of delays and backorders and will meet the timeline for your kitchen renovation. We communicate with you throughout the entire process, providing weekly updates and always answering your questions. We deliver the best custom kitchens on time and on budget with a five star level of service.

For examples of some of our more recently completed kitchen redesigns and remodeling projects, take a gander through our portfolio and see for yourself some of the truly dramatic transformations we have done!