5 Items To Make Your Kitchen Functional And Fluid

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You asked and we listened. The most frequently asked question we hear when planning a Calgary kitchen renovation is about making the kitchen more fluid and functional. Here are our top 5 ideas that won’t break the bank…


Whether it’s soup night or pasta night, the pot filler is going to make it easier on you, and your back.

These faucets are becoming more common in homes not only because they look incredible, but because they are so practical. There are two ways to install one; deck-mounted or wall-mounted. Either way serves its function well with the articulating arm giving it ample ability to maneuver to whatever element your pot may be on.

Even though it is called a pot filler, it has more uses than that! Because of that articulating arm, it can also reach over the countertop, therefore becoming your kettle filler, espresso/coffee machine filler, and vase filler. In fact, if you keep an open mind and think of it simply as another faucet in the kitchen, its uses are endless!

Photo of pot filling faucet with extendable arm



Many of us have never actually stopped and taken a minute to look at the way our three major work places are organized in our kitchens. The most efficient placement for your fridge, stove, and sink is so that they form a triangle.  This “work triangle” keeps the 3 key work areas within clear reach of each other, which allows you to be more productive while you cook, clean, and store food.

Calgary Kitchen Renovation kitchen workflow triangle diagram



This is like having your very own culinary assistant! Clear all those cooking utensils, oils, and knives off your counters and put it perfectly organized into this incredible drawer. Located right beside the cooktop, everything is in one place, easy to grab, and always ready to help you put together a delicious feast.

Photo of kitchen sink sidekick drawer with written description of each section overlaid on image



The Lazy Susan is history! And isn’t it about time! Say goodbye to that dark treacherous lower corner cabinet and hello to one of the biggest game changers to hit the kitchen in a while. This is a top favourite with our clients and it’s not hard to see why. Pure genius and convenience!

Photo of Lazy Susan replacement idea called the Magic Corner



The average Canadian household has 7 small appliances crowding their countertops. If this sounds like you, an appliance garage is the answer you’ve been waiting for. It is cleverly designed and customized to hide everything from the tv and microwave, to your toaster and espresso machine. With enough electrical outlets for all, you don’t even have to move them to use them. Stockpiling the appliances on your counters, or storing them in various cupboards will be a thing of the past. The biggest bonus of all, your cleared counters will make your kitchen look and feel bigger!

Photo of a kitchen appliance garage with shelving and drawers

Get in touch with Copper Creek Developments to see how we can renovate your kitchen to make it more functional and fluid. After all, Calgary kitchen renovations is our specialty!